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Education / Health

Education / Health

Women leaders rise in solidarity to save lives and protect livelihoods

“Rise for All” calls on all leaders to meet the human crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic and fully fund the UN Response and Recovery Trust Fund   New [...]
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Education / Health

Recovered from Covid-19, Alex shares his story and hope as well

Part 1. First symptoms: not knowing How did you get infected? New York city is now the epicentre of the US and global COVID-19 pandemic, but I think I was infected not [...]
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Education / Health

Antonio Guterres: ''This is a time for science and solidarity

As the world fights the deadly COVID-19 pandemic – the most challenging crisis we have faced since the Second World War – we are also seeing another epidemic [...]
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Education / Health

COVID-19: Here are the resources available for New Yorkers

I hope this message finds you and your family well in this challenging moment of such uncertainty. Please keep in mind that we are here for you during these difficult [...]
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Education / Health

Rentrée associative: Pari réussi pour "Cœur d’Enfant d’Afrique"

Abidjan, 7 septembre 2019 – Cœur d’Enfant d’Afrique a procédé à sa rentrée associative qui marque le début de [...]
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Education / Health

Des journalistes outillés sur la mise en œuvre du projet ‘‘Educasso’’

Informer et  sensibiliser les  professionnels de medias dans la prise en compte de l’éducation complète à la sexualité dans [...]
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Education / Health

Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development learns from community service learning program in 65 schools as they prepare for developing the CBC curriculum at secondary level

Nairobi, 8th July 2019: The Ministry of Education and the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD) in partnership with technical advisor Educate! have this [...]
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Education / Health

8ème édition du ''BAL DES ANCIENS'': Magnan Fofana soutient l'Education en Afrique

  La huitième édition du Gala dénommé ''Le Grand Bal des Anciens", organisé tous les ans à New York par l'ONG BAL DES [...]
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Education / Health

Creative ways to prevent malaria in Zimbabwe

Not too long ago in Chapoto, a community in Zimbabwe near the borders of Zambia and Mozambique, babies often died from high fevers brought on by malaria. “We used [...]
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Education / Health

Des acteurs plaident pour la prise en compte de l’Education complète à la sexualité dans les programmes scolaires

Au terme d’une table ronde sur l’Education complète à la sexualité, vendredi 28 septembre 2018, à Abidjan, des acteurs ont [...]
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