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Youth / Women / Children

Lutte contre la COVID-19: Média for Change offre le sourire aux orphelins

La pandémie de la Covid-19 a mis à genou notre société notamment dans ses couches les plus fragiles et vulnérables. C'est le cas par [...]
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Green economy

Filière Café-Cacao: Les acteurs appellent le Gouvernement ivoirien au secours

Les difficultés de la filière café-cacao sont bien réelles en Côte d'Ivoire. Profitant de la Journée Internationale des [...]
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Youth / Women / Children

Unlocking entrepreneurship opportunities for youth could lower unemployment and bring social benefits

New York, 2 July –   Tearing down barriers that prevent more young people from becoming successful social entrepreneurs will contribute to advancing [...]
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Reduction of Inequalities

Fundraiser to support orphans in the midst of Covid-19

In response to the growing COVID-19 health crisis, several measures have been taken by governments to break the chain of spread of the disease. The threat posed by this [...]
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Reduction of Inequalities

George Floyd et le rêve américain

Je n'avais pas souhaité intervenir dans ce débat, de peur que l'on me reproche encore de verser dans l'émotionalité, mais ne sommes-nous pas [...]
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Human rights

Secretary-General's remarks to High-Level Dialogue on Press Freedom and Tackling Disinformation in the COVID-19 Context

Excellencies, distinguished panel members, dear friends, Good morning, good afternoon and good evening. It is a great pleasure to speak to you, and I hope you are all [...]
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Human rights

UN Secretary-General's message on World Press Freedom Day 2020 - "Journalism without Fear or Favour"

Journalists and media workers are crucial to helping us make informed decisions. As the world fights the COVID-19 pandemic, those [...]
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A new normal: UN lays out roadmap to lift economies and save jobs after COVID-19

There will be no return to the “old normal”, governments must act to create a new economy and more jobs.  New York, 27 April [...]
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Education / Health

Women leaders rise in solidarity to save lives and protect livelihoods

“Rise for All” calls on all leaders to meet the human crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic and fully fund the UN Response and Recovery Trust Fund   New [...]
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Education / Health

Recovered from Covid-19, Alex shares his story and hope as well

Part 1. First symptoms: not knowing How did you get infected? New York city is now the epicentre of the US and global COVID-19 pandemic, but I think I was infected not [...]
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